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Friday, April 28, 2006

Grups.....Well-off Twixters with their own houses

Wow. How cool. Liberal parents who are so concerned for their children that they value torn jeans, iPods, listening to the "right" music and "freaking out" at the idea that their children would become Republicans than pretty much anything else. In this story, these kids listen to what one child called "thunder music" (probably while losing all hearing at a nice young age), get dragged to all manner of concerts and events that the parents want to go to and spend most of their time defining "cool" rather than "right and wrong", it would appear.

These parents who are "GRUPS" pretty much have their kids listen to their music rather than age appropriate songs. What the heck is wrong with kids being kids except that it is inconvenient to the parent? I do not recall anywhere in the definition of "parenthood" the words..."whatever is convenient for the parent is COOL...."

Note: While several of us who are in our late, late, late 30's have "hip" clothes and ipods...along with several suits and appropriate attire for all occasions, there are many different reasons for the answers in the polls and they do not all lead to liberalism. For example, many of us work from home but it isn't because we shun the corporate structure, it is because we like staying home with our children and it isn't just to switch out songs on the family iPods!

The assumptions that liberals try so hard to show they do not adhere to..... are fully embraced in this piece -- like torn clothes mean you are "hip" and suits mean you are "conservative".

These "Grups", my friends, are "Twixters" with money and their own house. Remember "Twixters" as described by Time Magazine? The older-than-college-twenty-thirty-forty year old living in Mom's basement but spending all available earned cash on non-essentials while Mom is home doing the essentials to keep her baby in clean clothes and well fed, etc......looks like the Twixters that moved out have become Grups.

Both Twixters and Grups care about their convenience. Looking out for #1 matters first no matter what the message is because somehow it is not their fault that some external force (life, God, Halliburton, depression, George Bush, whatever) has smacked them in the face. Twixters will stay in this eternal womb so long as they can, apparently.

Grups are Twixters who have ventured out of the womb but do not want to be inconvenienced as well because, life, is, so, hard (without yoga, a Starbucks Venti Cafe Latte with two Splenda's and "Interpol" and "Bloc Party" on the Nano, while you text the nanny about her hours for the next week.) Oh, they want to be cool now and have babies cause everyone on the red carpet has one, but you can bet your bottom dollar that they haven't watched the original "Cinderella" or "Snow White" or whatever classic cartoon 27 times, (since they were kids) or Bob the Builder, Barney, Wiggles and heaven knows Veggie Tales would be strictly verbotin with this crowd....

Remember the days when parents went to a G-rated movie because they loved their children and wanted to versus demanding being entertained too? Not saying I don't like Pixar movies because some of them are great and others cross the line for kids with really terrible messages.......but heavens, does EVERYTHING have to be about them?

Twixters and GRUPS. Good heavens. There is more to our generation than Twixters and GRUPS, yon reporters who desireth to be sociologists and coin the latest "generation X" terminology of the moment.


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