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Monday, July 31, 2006

43 YEARS? Unbelievable.

Ted Kennedy's July 30th op-ed in the Washington Post is unbelievable for many reasons....
but the one reason that floors me? 43 YEARS ON THE JUDICIARY COMMITTEE!!!!!

Good heavens. Knowing what important legislation goes through that committee and
how messed up a lot of it has been in the past 43 years......well, this explains a LOT! And
I'm thrilled Kennedy is unhappy with Roberts and Alito. Couldn't be happier with them,

Love Jeff Lord's response to the Senate's own expert on waterboarding -- it is in
The American Spectator -- here.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Thirty-seven years ago giant leap for mankind...

Was the Apollo moon landing.....

Anyone around have any memories of seeing it? It was
actually one of my first memories. My mother got me up
to watch this and she kept talking about "Uncle Dale", my
brother's godfather. Dale Myers was in charge of the actual
capsule -- from the design to the operation of it.

Since I was a toddler, I was relatively confused at what I was
seeing -- space suits weren't exactly common. And Mom's
running commentary had me convinced that my Uncle Dale
was actually on the moon.

What I do remember vividly was the air of excitement. It was
something so dramatic and amazing -- we were on the moon!

From the time of John Kennedy's challenge to land on the moon
by the end of the decade to the first step on the moon, there was
a "can-do" spirit about the people of this country. Can you imagine
trying to do something like that today? The naysayers have
virtually taken over -- those pessimists who give us a constant stream
of reasons why something cannot be done. Thank God they weren't
out in force at NASA in the 1960s.

In the hail of lawsuits, naysayers and massive growth of bureaucracy
it seems as though there is a spirit descending on our country that
things just cannot be accomplished. The best we can do, I hear repeatedly,
is just get through the next day.

NASA certainly tries to keep things moving forward, though. It was terrific
to see the successful shuttle mission conclude this week. Remember when
shuttle missions were front page, top story news? Now they are only news
when they blow up. Not a good turn of events for the marketing department
at NASA.

I can remember one Thanksgiving at the Myers' house. Since we had a small
family, the Myers, among others, became family to us. It was great fun, mostly
because you never knew which astronauts or diplomats would grace the table.
I was standing outside with one particular well-known astronaut -- he was
gazing up at the moon.

Finally, he noticed I was there and I quietly asked him about his mission
experience. He laughed and said he was just thinking about the little car
he had left on the moon. All he would have to do is go back and drop a
battery in it and take off.

The wistful look in his eyes said it all -- he was an adventurer longing to go
back to the furthest reaches of space exploration. He told me about the space
rocks, the feeling of weightlessness, and re-entry.

Whenever I look up at the moon now, I think about that little car. Maybe,
because of the astonaut and Shuttle teams, my children or grand-children
may take space trips as easily as we get on airplanes.....something I'm sure
my great-grandparents pondered as well.

The benefits of a strong space program are well-documented. From the
inventions, to the medical breakthroughs, to the accelerated technological is well-worth the effort.

All we need is the spirit of adventure again, I guess. And a battery.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Congress should stop backseat driving.

Those American soldiers who were brutally
tortured, mutilated, stuffed full of explosives
and left at the side of the road.....precisely where
were their Geneva Convention rights?

To treat terrorists like a recognized, uniformed
nation is ludicrous. To believe that terrorists
will ever respect the Geneva Convention is
naive. To conduct this battle like a law enforcement
operation and handcuff our own military because
our sensibilities are offended by the methods they
use to protect us is downright foolish.

At what point is our nation going to wake up and
realize that war just isn't pretty? The methods
and people we have to deal with to prosecute this
war are not the same as WWII or even Vietnam
so comparisons are useless. It is a whole new ballgame
and we have to let our military and intelligence
services do their jobs.

If folks really knew what methods of interrogation
were used in WWII, they would faint dead away.
But it worked, didn't it? The "Greatest Generation"
sure got their hands dirty and thank God for it.

When you look at the fact that fewer Congressman have
served in the military than ever before in history, it is
no wonder there is a disconnect between the fantasyland
many of our elected officials seems to be marinating in
versus the reality of day-to-day military operations
around the world. And visiting for a week or so does not
make one an expert.

Let the military do their jobs, give them the tools and
support to do it, stay the hell out of the way and stop
backseat driving.

Monday, July 17, 2006

42,000 individual donors. 'Nuf said.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Vernon Robinson
17 July 2006 [email protected] (336) 499-4370

Challenger Vernon Robinson (R) shatters fundraising records and trounces incumbent Brad Miller (D), for the second FEC reporting period in a row, in the race to represent North Carolina’s 13th Congressional District!

NORTH CAROLINA – According to second quarter disclosure reports just filed with the Federal Election Commission (FEC) -- for the second consecutive reporting period -- fundraising has skyrocketed for challenger Vernon Robinson and stagnated for incumbent Brad Miller. Indeed, the fundraising race during the April 13-June 30 reporting period was not even close.

Robinson, a nationally-prominent conservative who enjoys phenomenal popularity, raised nearly $200,000 more ($561,087 versus $362,427) than Miller, a sophomore Congressman with an ultra-liberal voting record (e.g., a 0% approval rating by the American Conservative Union and a 100% approval rating by the Liberal Americans for Democratic Action).

Through the second quarter, Robinson has now received more donations from more people (42,000 American citizens since 2003!) than any other House candidate in the history of the United States. Not surprisingly, one pundit now calls Robinson the “all-time grassroots fundraising champion.”

n During the second quarter, “a grassroots army of more than 11,000 skinny cats” made a contribution to Robinson; by contrast more than 61% of Miller’s money ($221,400 out of $362,427) was contributed by “a rogue’s gallery of 216 fat-cats” (i.e., $49,250 from 105 lawyers and 4 lobbyists plus $172,150 from 107 special interest PACs) that exemplifies the “pay to play culture of corruption in Washington.”

n During the second quarter, Robinson raised more than twice as much money ($370,000) in unitemized contributions (i.e., less than $200) as any other House candidate in the nation; Robinson received only two PAC donations -- $1,000 each from Rep. Howard Coble (R-NC6) and former Rep. Bob Barr [note: the $1,000 contribution from Rep. Virginia Foxx (R-NC5) is a personal donation].

Robinson said, “I am humbled by the realization that voters have responded our positive message for a strong America. My values reflect those of the average voter in the 13th District of North Carolina while my opponent, Brad Miller, represents the extremist “values” of San Francisco. Miller’s report shows that he is trolling for special interest fat cats, trial lawyers and lobbyists who are destroying this country. By contrast, my report demonstrates that I represent the thousands of skinny cats whose donations averaged $35 like the unemployed stock clerk who sent a $15 contribution. Brad Miller is out touch, and soon he will be out of Congress.”

Robinson has more North Carolina donors (4900+) than Miller (or North Carolina’s other 12 members of Congress for that matter) and Robinson obviously has more donors than Miller in each of the other 49 states. Indeed, Robinson has more individual donors (nearly 900) in the seven counties out of which the 13th District is carved than Miller has in all of North Carolina’s 100 counties.

The only place where Miller has more donors than Robinson is the lobbyist enclave on and around K Street in Washington, DC. As for Miller’s North Carolina donors, in a recent email to his supporters Brad Miller described his typical non-PAC donor as an “arts-loving, environmentalist lawyer.”

To put the numerical disparity between the candidates’ supporters in perspective, consider that Miller’s donors are too few in number to fill the bleachers at a typical elementary school gymnasium. By contrast, only HALF of Robinson’s donors would fill up every single seat at the Dean Dome to 100% capacity. Indeed, Carter Finley Stadium is the only local venue that can accommodate a seated assembly of all of Robinson’s 42,000 donors.

Robinson has been able to attract unprecedented financial support from rank and file voters in the 13th District (many of whom have never made a contribution to a candidate before) with a straight-talking positive message that contrasts his mainstream, common sense positions on the issues with Miller’s radical, out-of-touch voting record.

Not surprisingly, national media attention has been showered on Robinson’s Twilight Zone television ad and Mariachi radio ad (which features Miller’s votes for gay marriage, flag burning, open borders, and amnesty for illegal aliens, and Miller’s sponsorship of the Foreign Homosexual Importation Act – a bill that would grant marriage visas to the foreign homosexual lovers of homosexual Americans). Robinson’s campaign ads have been covered by the Fox News Channel, MSNBC, the New York Times, the Washington Post, and dozens of radio talk shows including Rush Limbaugh.

Robinson is a graduate of the U.S. Air Force Academy who majored in Middle East Affairs and served as a Missile Combat Crew Commander and Intelligence Officer for 13 years. After working as a college business professor for 10 years, Robinson served on the Winston-Salem City Council for 8 years. Robinson has been called “the next black GOP Congressman” by the Wall Street Journal and “a rising star” and “the new face of the Republican Party” by the Fox News Channel. Rush Limbaugh told his audience that every Republican candidate for the House or Senate should “talk like” Robinson if he or she wants to win this November.

# # #

Friday, July 07, 2006


"Liberals can't win on abortion, gay marriage and bans on
the Pledge of Allegiance by allowing Americans to vote. That's
why they need the courts to keep inventing rights to abortion,
gay marriage and bans on the Pledge of Allegiance. Normal
liberals know that,which is why they duck honest argument.
But the crazy liberals don't. That's why Bush needs to
concentrate on luring them out of their cages. It takes so little
to provoke them! Just let usknow before Bush nominates
Janice Rogers Brown to the Supreme Court so we can arrange
for live TV coverage of George Soros'shead exploding, OK?"
---Ann Coulter

For anyone who has had any successful political involvement
as a conservative, you will read this quote, nodding your head
the entire way.

The crazy liberals Ann writes of are entirely reactionary,
spinning into orbit over nearly anything. Once they have gotten
their panties slightly unwadded, they manage to type some
profanity-laced missive to the target of their angst. If one can
get past the four-letter words then there is no logic or proof of
their argument, but rather some partially digested goop that
they have heard from some media outlet or well-distributed
talking points.

But it is a mile wide and an inch deep -- once you get past the
gobbledy-goop and the verbalo assaults, there is a black hole.
Nothing there. At least nothing that can be articulated beyond
feelings or anecdote.

The other day, a young gal spoke to the media about the
Minutemen appearing at a parade
. She had her face covered --
not sure why -- and she claimed that every day.....that's every
day.....the Minutemen killed illegal immigrants at the border.

For once, the reporter actually asked for specifics and she
naturally could not give them. Because it just ain't so!

My grandfather (and Will Rogers, I think) used to say that
it isn't what you know that gets you into trouble -- it is
what you know that just ain't so.