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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Chafee -- come on, is he really such an asset to the GOP????

Ann Coulter hits this out of the park.

It seems as though the GOP has collective amnesia about what the hottest issue was in the last two elections -- judicial nominations. What in the world do they think the value voters got out and voted for? The gay marriage issue was a sub-issue to the whole judicial nominations subject, for heavens sake. It was all about judges. And we won.

Now, in the face of the all important third nomination to the Supreme Court, the GOP pivots, abandons the base and decides that judges are not, in fact, the issue that will get out the base. They have yet to find what the issue is that will get out the base, but they are making a good faith effort.....testing messages and watching them bounce off like ping pong balls.

Got a clue for them -- this is a forty year project. To abandon it at the pinnacle of true, lasting change is galactically stupid. A mistake from which we may never recover.

Nonetheless, Ann does a good job in her column describing the incredibly inexcusable votes of Chafee on Supreme Court justices Roberts and Alito and the nonsensical explanations Chafee has given for his votes.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Newest ads

Anyone for a new Daly & Associates, Inc. ad?

Check out the new TV ad at at the top of the homepage AND the new radio ad entitled "Beverly Hill-Miller."

Warning, liberals. You probably won't like it a bit.

Back from er, uh, "vacation".

I guess that is what one could call it. Ever have a family vacation become a family emergency? Great fun! Next year, we are taking the fam over the Falls at Niagra. Sans barrel.

At any rate, August has been rather busy for such a quiet month normally around here. I say that with one caveat -- most unfortunate turn of events for the judicial nominations issue, eh?

Republicans have completely ceded all ground on nominations and it is complete madness. Why, I will never know. Guess they truly believe they can win on Iraq and immigration. Hope that works out well for them but at the moment, I'm not exactly embracing the concept.

Will be back with a whole stream of things but for now, my eldest son is home from his first day in Kindergarten and the stories are endless at the moment.

Some things are far more important than world events. :)

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Seven dwarves? Supreme Ct. Justices? Whatever.

Did you catch the last episode of "Rescue Me"? Brilliant bar scene where the lead protagonist, Tom Gavin (played by Denis Leary -,
asks the other patrons in the bar if they could name ONE firefighter that died on September 11th. He says, "I'll bet you all could name five American Idol finalists.....but you couldn't name one FDNY who died on 9/11."

Sorta makes you think.

It is always more sad than funny when the Tonight Show's Jay Leno takes to the streets and asks the most basic civics 101 questions.....only to get the most blank looks in return.

So, so, so sad.

And here is yet another example of completely misplaced priorities. More people can name the Seven Dwarves than can name the Supreme Court.

Do people ever look up from the trough long enough to see where the feed has come from? It is our responsibility to know basic civics. People should know what they are voting for and the impact of what they do rather than just accepting what the NYT and their pals in the MSM tell them. Yet it is clear to me that it just isn't being taught and it isn't something that a majority of folks care about because they have never had to fight for it.

Everyone has a stake in our nation even if they don't realize it. Too bad they don't.

Monday, August 14, 2006

Where are CTU/Jack Bauer when you need them?

Terrorists round the world with sports bottles full of explosive goo.

A US border that resembles Swiss cheese.

The fifth anniversary of 9/11 around the corner.

Now, as part of the daily sleeper cell newsfest, wanna be terrorists collecting cell phones like Sarah Jessica collects Manolos. (CBS/AP; Three Middle Eastern Men Found With 1000 Cell Phones [WNEM])

It's a dangerous world, friends. And for those who really, truly believe it is all just a conspiracy on the part of the Bush Administration to gin up fear votes in November.....well then, you all don't know Jack (Bauer) about terrorism.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Angry rich boy makes good....with 1/10th of CT voters....

Lamont beat Lieberman and leftist bloggers everywhere are claiming a thunderous victory over anyone who doesn't toe the extreme leftist line.

Now while a victory is a victory is a victory, it should be noted well that only 1/10th of Connecticut's voters made a mad dash for the voting booths. The operative word being "mad".

There has long been a debate among political intelligensia as to what truly motivates voters to vote. Leftists seem to believe that the right votes to protect what it has through lower taxes, less government, etc. A sad miscalculation on their part, actually.

Many on the right believe that the left votes purely on emotion. Also a sad miscalculation.

The truth is significantly more diffuse, as the Lamont/Lieberman race clearly demonstrates. People have different methods of obtaining and digesting information -- they also have very different ways of utilizing that information. It isn't by genetics, race, gender or even culture -- it is purely by psychographics and in some cases, experiential learning.

The 1/10th of voters who put Lamont into the catbird seat were mad -- plain, old fashioned angry -- and they voted their anger. Anger is valuable as an electoral commodity in a low turnout election. But it isn't a sustained guarantee, nor does it trump one key factor -- the survival instinct.

As today's events should demonstrate to any thinking person, it truly doesn't make a damn bit of difference who is in what office where.....there are people throughout the world hell bent on killing us. Placating them, making overtures to them, singing nice songs with them, toasting them at White House dinners....none of that made a difference as Bill Clinton found out in the 90s. In fact, if anything, weakness in the eyes of Middle Eastern cultures is as unforgiveable as supporting Israel.

So what, then, is a leftist to do? Peace slogans are nice and all, but frankly, the only way to control the problem is to meet their aggression with overwhelming force. So while Lamont would like to bring the troops home, turn out the lights, pull the shades and pray that nothing bad ever ever ever happens, the more realistic approach is to stop the terror plots where they originate.

Peggy Noonan has a brilliant column today filled with advice for both Lamont and Lieberman. And Michael Barone also has a remarkable piece on the stark change in the Democrat party. Both are right smack dead on.

Let's pray that the Republicans find their footing and get back to the business of wanting to win elections. The alternative is frankly too frightening to contemplate.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Not a great move. Unless recess appts are in the cards.

According to "How Appealing", the Senate has returned five federal appellate court nominations to the White House. I have been told that when a recess is 30 days or longer, nominations are supposed to be returned to the White House. The Senate could have overridden that little rule but apparently didn't. So back they go to the President's desk.

One of the following options has to be true:

-- The Senate does not want to deal with these nominees, afraid of controversy in a tough election year and suffering from a huge case of amnesia as to what got them through the last two tough election cycles. (HINT: It wasn't Iraq or immigration.)

-- The Senate wanted to send a signal to the White House to either fight for its nominees and take the heat or get out of the kitchen.

-- The White House wants to make a HUGE issue out of the nominations and has decided to recess appoint these worthy nominees.

-- They all have been on some serious happy gas and believe that the Iraq issue or the immigration issue will pull them through in November. Or maybe it is the list of accomplishments circling around in email boxes.

Either way, they do not seem to recognize that THE most important Supreme Court seat could be up at any time. Losing seats in the Senate is not the most helpful option this November and if this course of action continues, I sure hope they do not look back in utter confusion as to what happened at the polls. This is the only issue that unites the base -- they will ignore it at their own peril.

Here's what How Appealing said:

U.S. Senate returns five federal appellate court nominations to President Bush: Technically, at least as of this moment, you can no longer accurately refer to Terrence W. Boyle and William J. Haynes II as current nominees to the Fourth Circuit, you can no longer accurately refer to Michael B. Wallace as a current nominee to the Fifth Circuit, and you can no longer accurately refer to William Gerry Myers III and N. Randy Smith as current nominees to the Ninth Circuit. Details here and here (via "Confirm Them").

Thursday, August 03, 2006

AMBIEN: The new "Twinkie Defense"

Remember the case in which the accused perpetrator blamed injestion of Twinkies as the reason for the crime in question? "The TWINKIES made me do it!!!!"

There was general outrage as the urban myth of the Twinkie defense began to spread. Urban myth? You betcha. Here's the real story according to Wikipedia and

We can all breathe a sigh of relief that sugar and preservatives are not a clever trial lawyer's method of getting his client out of hot legal water. But other similarly bizarre excuses are starting to pop up for those who externalize their behavior that rival "The devil made me do it."

The "Ambien defense" is starting to rear its ugly head, thanks, in part, to Rep. Patrick Kennedy's nighttime excursion around Capitol Police barricades in Washington, DC. True to form, the Kennedy's dodged potential legal ramifications for their actions with clever lawyers and the novel notion that "the Ambien made him do it" as an excuse for getting behind the wheel of a 2,000 lb automobile and nearly mowing down a Capitol Police officer.

When used improperly -- as in, with other drugs or alcoholic beverages -- Ambien, as with any pill taken for sleep disorders, could have adverse affects. Hence the labels pasted all over every prescription bottle and warnings from doctors about taking Ambien or any sleeping pill at home and without interference from alcohol or other drugs. Pretty simple stuff, really.

It doesn't stop at the Patrick Kennedy joy-ride, however.

Here's a story about a hideous accident in which a mother loses a limb -- a LIMB -- because this cretin decides to take not one Ambien like a normal human being...but FIVE Ambien. Did he have a prescription? No.

Who takes five sleeping pills of ANY kind unless he has a death wish to begin with?

It is nothing but reckless and abominably stupid to begin with.

To blame the Ambien, though, would be the wrong course of action. Luckily, the court did the right thing here. But just for future reference, an Ambien defense would be akin to suing gun manufacturers because of a fatality caused by a dolt who pulls the trigger.

No one forced this clown to obtain a presciption medicine without a prescription. And no one blew five times the dosage down his throat with a straw. He did it on his own and therefore the reckless, stupid, damn near unforgivable tragedy that followed from his actions are all on him, not the Ambien.

As a mother, I see toddlers in my own household struggle to own up to their actions. Taking responsibility for one's actions is a tough lesson for a toddler to learn and a mother to teach, but more mothers should be worried about that than self-esteem, in my estimation. Kids today seem to be overflowing with self-esteem, but not a heck of a lot of humility, self-control or the ability to take responsiblity for their actions.

No doubt the Ambien defense is a clever trial lawyer's way of earning his exhorbiant hourly fee. But courts across the land should reject this legal course of action as they have the frivilous lawsuits against gun manufacturers and instead, opt for the personal responsibility lesson instead.

Let's hope the Ambien defense goes the way of the Twinkie defense -- a bad idea that was mistakenly tried one time and is nothing more than a legal urban legend. It is a shame that for that mother, now maimed for life because of another's thoughtless, careless actions, that the ramifications will be a daily reality....not an urban legend.